It has been a while since my last statement,after re-reading my previous blogs it occurred to me that I spent the time ranting about conservatives, sending Tuba loads of affluent down upon their  primitive heads. An old friend confided to me that this was my job and adding blitzen to their twisty lives was to the greater good, I take his point.                    ……..       ..  I have a theory about the overthrow of conservative thought. Many people believe that there is a crises in education, Clearly this  situation is generations old and exists in parallel  with peoples snotty animosity towards the educated and the kind hearted. The folks extruded from the American school system are xenophobic, lacking science , and incapable of rational thought, those who survive the system are nerds, sociatally damned in perpetuity ,The fatuous majority control everything , but are saddled with a great unease that the whole contraption is going off the trestle and they lack the capacity to ponder out what’s busted   they are of coarse,  whats wrong .     An election is coming,  a year ago a tiny car   pulled up and a  litter of zanies leapt out and fell on their faces, there was Herman and Sarah and Barbara and Donald and Mitt and the  drunk from Texas . Auditoriums from hell,  to half past hell were convulsed with branchiocephalic huzzahs .  The tea party had come to save America !    They seem to  comprise  around 20% of the voters,  they despise there own government ( we the people  ), and maintain a sweet tooth for racism and the deep regard for the most baleful excesses of the old testament , mention of capital punishment brings them to their feet mention of the NRA induces phychosexual rapture, these are the people the republican presidential field, values above all others and persues them, like dogs fighting over a Heep of Elk guts.     It is sad to think that an entire political party is under the thrall of the most ignorant and egregious goof balls in recent history. Last week two of our local politicians signed a document agreeing to follow the every stricture of the tea party manifesto , if they should waver from their  sacred oath they will have resign. Maybe they could seek employment guarding a harem ?  It is late and  my hooka has extinguished.            Yours to a cinder T.J.




This Empty Chair Stands Mute

A quiet riot created itself outside the Supreme Court, among the many diverse folk were what Rush calls the elitists ( Doctors, Economists, Jesuits ) and those the elitists call the primitives,  Born agains Tea partyers. Rivet Heads (see Limbaugh ) and every silly charly-horsed permutation extant.   It’s been over a hundred years since Teddy Roosevelt said we needed health care, Franklin Roosevelt said we needed health care, Truman said we needed health care, Coolidge said we needed cheap cemeteries for the bums.  Still the adversaries rage.  It is for the Supreme Court to rescue us from the gulf of ignorance . This court is historically,  rather the average, a  slapped  together crew chosen by a hard drinking,  fornicating, ,  money grappling,  minutely groomed bunch:   our Congress the people’s choice.   It looks bad for healthcare in this mellenium , the Solicitor General spoke with the majesty and aplomb associated with one who walks into the court after a lunch of menudo and a six pack of lager , dear, dear .       I have read history since I was Quite young,my hope was to understand how things came to be, the result was the murder of every illusion and dreamy conjecture I had possessed .  I retain a sketchy understanding of my anticedants and how powerful men react to the blandishments of power and that’s why I am writing these blogs, I unlike some have a right to howl.    Your radio friend   T.J.S

A blog is a boy’s best friend

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I had such a pleasant time with my last blog that I have resolved to set off another one,  while the aroma of brimstone and methane still  ghosts from the devastation of super Tuesday . Even  my friendly old NPR,  pelted me with coagulated chunks of verbal sump. until  my spirit was indistinguishable  from a heap of diapers piled against a leaky water heater.     Possibly NPR has devised  an infernal device, by which they help to whisk Obama into a second term by broadcasting every thing the republicans have to say; cruel,  painfully so, but worth a chance !   The latest hyperbole is no different from all the quadrennial mattress stuffing from the past, the horror evinced by the trucklers in referring to the incumbent is just as distortedly hilarious as an explosive fart at a funeral,doubly risible when one looks back three years when the Texas remittance man lived in Ken’s dream house with a full suite of doughy millionaire eunuchs ; you see, things can be worse.  Another thing one cannot miss is that the people who talk about the  candidates are often unable to untangle religion and politics, these eaters of silage judge religious people the same way they judge patriots, by their publicity, check out the posters on their rigs.     Jesus stuff, gun stuff, yellow ribbon,.immigrant bashing , full cab flags ,the occasional truck nuts .  It took several minutes to think all this up, even I can see that.

Your radio friend  T.J.

Adolescent Politics

When I was young and had begun a dangerous dalliance with history it was clear I was engulfed by idiocy, I had been cast out of several Catholic schools ,I was repelled by their anti Semitism  and their insistence that infants not baptised into Catholicism would spend an eternity in Limbo, to me an eternity in Limbo seemed like remaining in Parochial school ; Forever .  Later I realized that civil politics was just as odd and grim as church politics ( the ” Hazelhatchery Effect”.           In my life I have seen politics narrow and decay, nothing is more indicative than the Republican primaries, one has to go back to the last election cycle to find a crew of , tub thumping , cloth eared ,morally rancid zany’s than the latest batch. They epitomize the guns for Jesus ,xenophobic, science hating, race baiting white trash that has  stymied every attempt to elevate the Republic since the advent of slavery.           I admit I listen exclusively to National Public Radio, I can sense the strain of the news staff, a committed, educated and kindly consist who I think yearn to speak truth to power and denounce  The politicians as corrosive  and venal,whoring after the consent of ill educated hysterics whom the fishers of votes probably consider , socially inferior types,except for Palin, Bachman and Santorum; who do appear markedly inferior.*********** Dear Blog-Hoppers this as done me a worlds of good, the last time I went to the barricades was during the war moratorium ( Vietnam ) .

Your Radio Friend T.J.

A Mark Twain Day…

A Quote from Mark Twain.(1835-1910) American writer...”.A person who won’t read has no advantage over one who can’t read.”  

 Mark Twain once said, “To believe 
yourself to be brave is to be brave; it is the only essential thing.” 

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Mark Twain

Bloggish Fluff

Lots of action on my website,  It has been an absorbing 4 weeks creating this contraption, since I have been unemployed for three months I have the necessary opportunity  to do this and confect cigar box guitars in the garage.  Citing Stephen Hawking I see much can be done with down time. Winter has snaffled Montana, like a Leach.Dogs are once again stuck to the fire plugs and there is the seasonal hacking of joggers as their trachea’s ice up.  I can while at home listen to six hours of NPR news per diem , I delight in the Presidential Whack- A – Mole Pageant  where the candidates wriggle through the sludge of large caliber politics hoping to snare the hysterical and terrified,  and the Christian ayatollahs.  So it proceeds   at the Hilltop Studio. as I prepare my Sunday broadcast.,I must also spoon some Honey over my webmaster, Adele, Yay Webgal.  Click on” Old Timey Radio” to find playtimes. ————Your radio friend T.J.



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